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The Middletown Eagles Travel Baseball program provides players with an opportunity to be coached by the best coaches in the area to develop a large part of the foundation for the good of baseball in Middletown!
Proof is in the pudding! Recently, Midd South won the 2022 Monmouth County Tourney and 2021 the Group 4 State Championship. In both game the Middletown Eagles were represented by 5 of the 9 starters in the Championship games! Additionally, 21 of 24 players on the roster played for the Middletown Eagles and/or attended Do Damage Baseball Camp! Many of those players stay involved and give back by coaching in our program. 
Unlike many travel programs our goal is not to win at all costs. Instead, we will strive to develop our players to be the best they can be both on and off the field. Character development is equally important for us towards helping our players reach their full potential. We will aim to achieve this through hard work, commitment, maintaining positive attitudes, and being great teammates at all times.
Last Fall, the Eagles won 2 Championships and had 5 of 11 teams playing on Championship Weekend! Although it's not all about winning, we love to WIN! In total, our teams who played in Championship Weekend finished 45-6-1!
Fall, 2023 Middletown Eagles Coaching Staff
8U: HC-Ben Van Put, AC-Ben Ascone
9U GRAY: HC-Ben Van Put, AC-Ben Ascone
9U NAVY: HC-Trevor Brey, AC-TJ Brewer
10U GRAY: HC-Mike Murphy, AC Luke Cordiano
10U Navy: HC-Mike Murphy, AC Owen Murphy
11U GRAY: HC-Trevor Brey, AC-TJ Brewer
11U NAVY: HC-Ryan Spillane, Austin Markmann
12U Gray: HC-Mike Nuccio, AC-Matt Nuccio
12U Navy: HC-Ryan Spillane, Austin Markmann
13U: HC-Sean Pardue, AC-Tommy Demarco
14U: HC-Mike Nuccio, AC-Matt Nuccio, BB-Jackson Nuccio

Our program started in the Spring of 2016. Since then, the Middletown Eagles have played over 150 seasons between all teams, which doesn't include tourney teams! Additionally, there are over 100 former Middletown Eagles' players who have played or are currently playing high school baseball and beyond!

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