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"Thank you coaches for a great season! It's been so much fun watching the boys grow! We are so proud of all of them and cannot wait for the Spring!"

-Jennifer Kamnitsis, Eagles' parent

"What a testament to the Eagles' organization! This team has come such a long way! Great groups of boys! Great group of coaches! Great group of parents!"

-Dave Stingo, Eagles' parent

"Thanks to all the coaches, incredible job! I cannot believe the team progress from week one to the final game. Amazing job by the coaches and kids!"

-Mike Maiorana, Eagles' parent

"Great season! Awesome watching the imporvements from game to game. Great groups of kids. Thanks again coaches! Looking forward to the Spring!"

-Kevin Curry, Eagles' parent

"We loved witnessing the growth of this team! Thanks to the coaches for teaching the kids, the players for always trying their best, and the families for suppoting them! See you all in the Spring!"

-Tanya Farrell, Eagles' parent

"Thank you for giving Andy his first travel opportunity, and for welcoming us to the Eagles family. We wish you and the entire Eagles organization success in the future!"

-Ivan Mendez, Eagles' parent

"Thank you coaches for all of your hard work! This team has come a long way and we are looking forward to the Spring!"

-Melissa Francis, Eagles' parent

"Thanks coaches for a great season! This was a great collaborative effort by the players and coaches. Improvements were seen in each and every game, which made it extremely enjoyable for everyone!"

-Cliff Turbitt, Eagles' parent

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