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GENERAL INFO: The goals for this week (10/20-10/22) are to restructure certain areas within the program that need to be improved for 2021, and to potentially add players/teams to the program.


WHO SHOULD ATTEND? All current and interested players should attend. Complete Assessment Week Registration Form if interested in playing for the Eagles in 2021. 


10/20: 12-14U or Grades 7-9 at Croydon Hall from 3:30-4:30pm.

10/21: 10-11U or Grades 5-6 at Dorsett Park from 4-5pm.
10/22: 8-9U or Grades 3-4 at Dorsett Park from 4-5pm.


*If you cannot make the scheduled session please attend one of the other days even though age group will be different. Players will be assessed for their age group based on ability. 

**If you cannot attend any of the sessions please let us know via form.

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