Please complete the Summer Tourney Team Player Interest Form and you will be contacted. Our Summer Tournament Season runs for 5 weeks! Our current schedule below is based on responses. We may continue to add teams/weeks if the rosters fill!

    STOP! The links below should only be used by those who were already invited to play for the Middletown Eagles Summer Tourney Teams! Please be sure to register for the correct week(s) and age(s) from the invite you received. All others should complete Player Interest Form

    Bring the Heat South (1-Day)

    1-Day Tournaments

    06/25 - 06/26/2022Ocean / Monmouth, NJ

    8 Teams Registered

    Bring the Heat South

    3 Game Minimum

    06/25 - 06/26/2022Ocean / Monmouth, NJ

    54 Teams Registered

    Jersey Battle - USABL WS Qual.

    World Series Qualifier

    07/09 - 07/10/2022Central, NJ

    41 Teams Registered

    NJ Mayhem South

    3 Game Minimum

    07/16 - 07/17/2022Ocean / Monmouth, NJ

    31 Teams Registered

    Summer Slam South

    3 Game Minimum

    07/23 - 07/24/2022Ocean / Monmouth, NJ

    51 Teams Registered

    July Showdown (1-Day)

    1-Day Tournaments

    07/30 - 07/30/2022Monmouth / Middlesex, NJ

    11 Teams Registered


     We are looking to add players who can commit to the Eagles in 2022 for the Spring and Fall! That said, most players who are currently in the program will have the first opportunity to reclaim roster spots in 2022. Once all players are accounted for we will then make decisions to add, fill, or upgrade our rosters. All players who tryout will be considered for our 2022 teams!

    Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns at 

    July Showdown (3-Day)

    2-Day Tournaments

    07/30 - 07/31/2022  Monmouth / Middlesex, NJ

    11 Teams Registered